good trees

Younghee K. Chung

Younghee K. Chung    Voyage l    Oil on canvas    20" x 16"

Younghee K. Chung    Voyage l l   Oil on canvas    20" x 16"

 Younghee Kim earned her BFA from Ewha Women’s University in Seoul, Korea and

studied at the Academy of the Fine Arts in Philadelphia, PA under Julian Levi, Joseph

Amorotico, and Ben Kamihira.  Younghee earned her MA in Fine Arts, with guidance

from Jerrold Maddox, Oscar Larmer, and James Munce at Kansas State University.

 Younghee explains in her own words, “In most of my work, I try to blend colors and

composition into an enjoyable visual adventure.  

 My art and insights into life are very

personal offerings to others as a simple sharing of feelings and perceptions. I strive to

express and inspire deep feelings for colors and form, my own visceral response to

nature, to radically simplify and to get to the essence.  I focus on the emotional and

spiritual levels and nuances of colors and try to structure this into the designs of my

paintings.  I attempt to create pictures within pictures and dimensionality through layers

and composition. Various dancing colors are important because they symbolize our

feelings and emotions.  In all of my works, I want to visually articulate the aching human

desire to communicate an intensity of thought and feeling. As an artist, I have attempted

to live a creative life, searching and striving for meaning and beauty."

Younghee K. Chung    Voyage l l l    Oil on canvas    20" x 16"