Work size : 11.2 x 11.2 Inch 

material : Korean traditional ink, Coloring Powder, gold powder

Per one of 4 works : $ 500

Description of work

I research on texture and wave. The dreamlike forms, such as the feeling of the wind flowing and the rising of the smoke, inspired me. Accidental association and deep observation made it possible for me to express abstraction. For example, ‘Fire’ expresses the flames burned when viewed from the top of the blazing fire. Gold powder is used for exaggeration and red powder (Bunchae) is laid on Korean traditional ink (Muk) and glue (Agyo) cleavages. It is the result of working with a warm but potentially dangerous feeling of fire. 'Amsan' borrows the images of rocks and waterfalls using the 구륵 Method and blue, violet, and green are added to make them look like traditional Korean paintings. My work expresses the world I observe with emotional colors and brush strokes. At the boundary of conception and abstraction, I encourage the viewers to think different from my intention and expand their thoughts.

Artist  :  Wonseok Lee



2018  Chungbuk National University College of Art and Design, Oriental Painting Major Admission


Solo Exhibition

2018  Participated in outdoor sculpture production at the International Ink Biennale (Mokpo International Sumuk Viennalle), Mokpo

2020  2020 New Artist Competition Selected Artist ”金流-Golden Wave”, Space Um, Gangnam, Seoul

Exhibitions & Festivals

2020  2020 ASSYAF (Asiaf) Part 2 Artisty Exhibition Booth Participation


Group Exhibitions

2020  Organized and sponsored by Goyang City “Form of Color II-Color Empathy”, Goyang Cheongchwi Tea House Gallery 600, Gyeonggi

2020  Art Virus 20 Relay Exhibition, 1st Jeju Gallery Giant's Garden, 2nd Space Vanana Project Daegu, Kyungmin Museum of Contemporary Art Uijeongbu, Craft Art Museum Baumchen Jeonnam

2020  Organized and sponsored by Goyang City “


Reed - Golden waves are rolling through the

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