Work size : 24.4 x 16.9 Inch 

Material : Ocher, White Clay, acrylic paint on canvas

Year : 2011


Description of work , Artist Note


On May 2007, at an invitational exhibition in the Netherlands, Seon-young was recognized as a future leader of Korean painting.  

Her work titled “Spring Mood”, was reported in a well-known news article in the Netherlands, helping raise awareness of Korean painting internationally. They praised the clean and peaceful landscapes—the delicate lines that expressed the colors of the East and the beauty of nature. 

German art newspapers also reported on Seon-young’s international influence and appeal. Seon-young broke the mold of traditional Eastern landscape painting, through works that express both abstract and Western influence at the same time.Her paintings evoke a sense of warmth and peacefulness through the use of concise and bold lines 

In preparation for her latest work, she spent three years in meditative solitude and prayer. Through divine inspiration, she completed her seminal work "God's love, the beginning". In utilizing her ochre-based landscape painting technique, the work portrays the image of Adam and Eve in the Bible—juxtaposing message and medium through the intertwining of both humanity and the dust from which the Bible says we are born. 

After three years of researching ocher pigmentation techniques, the work was completed under the theme of "God's Love-In the Beginning." 


Artist : Seon young Gu



2007  Proud Culture Awards. 

2007  Korean Contemporary Art Special Prize 

2009  Tokyo Asia Exchange Excellence Award 

2011   Women's Art Competition Special Prize 

2012   Korean Painting Exhibition Special Prize 

2012   Gyeonghyang art exhibition Special Prize 


Solo Exhibition

25 individual experiences


Group Exhibition

Netherlands ArToll International art Exhibition 

Netherlands International Art Fair Tomon Art  

Russian Korean Art HUBART exhibition 

Tokyo Asian exchange art exhibition 

In addition, 8 group exhibitions

Pretty love

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