Work size : 53 x 73 

Mixed media



Artist Note


The Mugeuk express the road of my heart,

Expanded by myself.

It seems to be a simple travel in an instant,

But the road is a straight and curved,

The continuity of these wander about a maze.

Also the road express a repeat and endlessness

It hold in the age of the inside complex,

In a square formed repeatedly.

So, Myself, inside of the square

Is going to expand the endless, everlasting

Along the road of stitch without staying one way.

The road is connected endless without a pole.

Artist : Mi-sun Chang



2000   More than 40 awards for contest and exhibition at internation and internal, 

And also more than 120 working careers of group and invitational, solo exhibition.


Solo Exhibition

19 individual experiences




* National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea (Art Bank)

Many of internal and external privates

Mugeuk 2020-2

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