Work size : 68 x 68

Korean ink and color painting



Artist Note


Congenital developmental disorder.

Graduated from Jeonnam High School

Currently, instructor for improving awareness of the disabled, art team, disabled product designer.



Solo Exhibition


2017  Jeonnam High School 1st Invited Solo Exhibition

2017  Invited solo exhibition at Nokwon Gallery

2018  Jeonnam High School 2nd Solo Exhibition

2018  Jinhan Museum of Art, Gwangju Art Street

2019  Gwangju 5 Elementary School Association Invitation Exhibition

2019  Citizen Arts College, supervised by Gwangju Art Center , Pure-Special Gaze

2019  Heartism in Gwangju Special Solo Exhibition


Group Exhibition


2018  Capitol , National Assembly member invitation exhibition

2018  The Enabled exhibition at COEX, Seoul
2019   Hongdae Sangsangmadang "Heartism" exhibition

2019   LG Science Park Happy Floor "Art Team 6 Person Exhibition"

2019   Seoul Arts Center Kim Geun-tae Solo Exhibition Collaborative Exhibition

2019   Invited by the National Assembly, London University of the Arts Collaborative              Exhibition "Prism"

2019   Gwangju World Swimming Championship commemoration "Korea 50 Players"

2019   Chuncheon, Gangwon-do KBS Broadcasting Station Invitational Exhibition "Artrim"

2019   Gyeonggi-do Ansan City Literature Center "Beautiful 100 Persons Exhibition"

2019   Busan UN Peace Memorial Hall "GAP Bridge"


Blue Pottery and Red Flower

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