work size : 50 x 50

Mixed media

Year : 2020 


Artist Note, Description of work

Nature that the viewers see is not just a still image like a photograph or painting. Similarly, emotions changes and flow as time passes. For example, when the sun is falling down, it radiates red and yellow lights, and blends with the blue sky. With time, it will all disappear eventually. Thus, I observe not only the shape but also ‘temporality’ of the objects and landscapes. Through my works, I dissolve and reorganize this phenomenon. Since there is no clear form, my works naturally took the form of abstraction. This is where “the boundary of the forms” comes in. It is expressed as an intermediate process from formal figurative painting to abstract painting. 

A landscape with colored abstraction is the ambiguous state which becomes the image I want to express. 

Artist : Jinseok lee


Solo Exhibition

2012 Slumbers, Soohoh Gallery, Korea

2013 Slumbers , Aire de jeu, Seoul, Korea

2016 Bookshelf, Gallery PIU, Jeon-ju, Korea

2018 Border, Gallery Innertron, Incheon, Korea

2019 Light Abstract, Finland Project, Seoul, Korea

2020 Taste Art, Sounds Hannam_일호식, Seoul, Korea

Group Exhibition

2020 ASYAAF 2020_Artisty-Rising Artists, Hongik University Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul, Korea

2020 Shape of Color II_Shape of Color II-Color Empathy, Listening Cafe, Goyang, Korea

2020 Shape of Color, Listening Dabang, Goyang, Korea

Blue(Chromosphere no.2)

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