"Merinos " Acrylic on canvas 48" x 48" 2017

Nathalie Gregoire

'Madrid' Acrylic and ink on canvas 56" x 35" 2017

 I was born in Paris and raised in Brest, a small town in French Brittany. After years as a cabinetmaker in Paris, I started in 1998 my career as a jewelry designer in Egypt, collecting antics glass beads and creating unique pieces of jewelry. In 2008 I moved to Haiti and was profoundly impacted by the local art and regularly met with painters across the country. This is when I started painting. After moving to NYC in 2011, I joined the Art Students League of New York, where I became student of Larry Poons. My interest in art took a distinctive turn when I discovered a new world through Abstract painting. Today, my paintings reflect and portray my life as a free-spirited woman and world traveler. It is through these abstract paintings that I express my journey as an artist, portraying life and happiness, but also reflecting beauty in the darkest places.