NamGoong Won

 At K&P Gallery, we are greatly honored to present to you an exhibition of South Korea’s political scene in which the artist NamGoong Won has captured images on a flat surface, from the viewpoint of a artist looking at the current political situation in Korea: impeachment and demonstrations. This exhibition circles around the idea of many people coming together in times of turmoil and distress, helping and comforting one another instead of blaming and criticizing the cause of destruction. Just like the message being portrayed, we would love for you all to join us as we discuss and embrace his artwork. 


 A word from the artist: “This city, its enthusiastic people, and its many emotions are gathered together in one place, and they flow, gather together and scatter. I lament the reality that I see and I have tried my best to express it in my work." 


 The gestures that the artist explores in the process of scattering and painting portrays the worry of reality for the people he comes across daily. There are questions being raised about impeachment, politics, and patriotism in everyday news. 

The artist feels that we have been living in this kind of confusion for months now. He states that we have been rebuilding a dizzy and unforgettable moment. With this, he has decided to represent the chaotic moment he titled the 'Chaos' series on canvas. He emphasizes that he has painted the country with love. 

 Since last year, when the president had been impeached,

the polarization of Korea has become unquestionable.

 From candlelight vigils to a Taegeukgi rally,

unusual crowds and rallies have been held at

the Gwanghwamun Square and Seoul Plaza in Seoul this entire weekend.


 What are the people truly thinking?

Where did the politics of all this go?

Who is the real patriot amongst all this commotion?

 Who are the forces behind the rally?


 We have experienced so many black holes that we no longer know

whether we are riding on the side of the populism of politicians.

 We are instead, slandering public opinion.


 The country's economy is collapsing, and paintings that criticize the president,

as well as paintings that depict the art of declining dignity fill our streets.

 It has been said that we are free to express,

but we have been living in such chaos during these long months.

 I have put together a series of chaotic moments on canvas

in order to express the chaos and to demonstrate dizziness.

 Mostly, I wanted to show the contrasts between chaos in a country

that should be filled with love.