Mihyun Yu

  My artwork takes my stories and emotions which I create and I discovered from my life I

enjoy expressing the moment of getting and capturing feelings, I am still learning to

reproduce my emotions and stories with my work. As my first step, I use objects to

release my thought, attaching objects to my painting directly or setting objects in my

painting as symbolic images. The images I use are common symbolic images sometimes

but mostly I bring them from my personal thoughts and my experiences. I use a variety of

materials and processes in each work, I enjoy creating them as a series work with

materials or painting processes. The materials for collage can be changed depending on

what kinds of series that I want to process; theses days, I enjoy using glitters and beads.

The biggest reason I use collage to express, not painting objects on my painting, is the

gap. I want to provide some gap between my subjects and objects. The gap I want to give

viewers can be explain as objectified emotions, the emotions exist the inside of us

but when they come out from the inside to external surface, it can be

show and shared whatever we want or not. When we have the emotions

inside of us, we can be own them as our property or possessions but when

they come out to outside we lose the possession because they are shared,

we are not own them anymore. I thought the gap exist in this state, the

emotions are owned by us from our inside but when they come out we

lose the ownership but we can still be owned them.

I am currently working on a series titled crying girl series. Crying and tears are simple

and effecting methods and material to express feelings and show the gap. These methods

and materials are strong to deliver because of their simplicity and physical properties.

I emphasize and exaggerate eyes, people gather information through eyes seeing and also

delivery too. Seeing through eyes is a quite simple and fast way to communicate but this

communication can be risky because to see is a starting point that is where people stores

prejudice and judgment, but also this way is very pure and naïve, so this thought make

me emphasizing and exaggerating eyes.

Moreover, the image of a girl is very mysterious, vague and ambiguous to me. Their

images are embellished in people’s memories and imagination mostly as pure and sacred

images. However, when the images of a girl come out of reality, the images might be

changed. I want them to live in the embellished imagination world, so when I paint them,

they are mostly cute and beautiful with the image of animation or manga or a doll.