Melissa Brodman

Melissa is a NYC Native. Born and raised in Kew Gardens Hills.


 After receiving the gift of a Pentax ME Super SLR for her 18th birthday she embarked on a personal journey of navigating f-stops, apertures, iso's and film development in her personal darkroom (aka: the family bathtub). Since that time, she has photographed images using both film and digital cameras as well as mobile photography using an iPad and cellphone cameras.


 Some recent events in which she has participated are the Dogwood 52 Week Photography Challenge and the Bayside Pop-Up Gallery event at the Castle at Fort Totten


 Melissa's career path began in the broadcasting and music business. Having worked both in radio and as an audio engineer. Each afforded exposure to other media, including motion picture and television production. Melissa worked throughout the period of time in which the crossover and integration of digital media occurred.


 Melissa is also a freelance writer and voice over actor. 
She has resided in Bayside, Queens for more than 20 years.


Ice cream is her favorite food group.