Maria Belford

 My photographs aim to create a connection and commonality with the subjects depicted. I am constantly working toward using photography as a medium of catharsis, while working on projects exploring the themes of inter-sectional feminism, marginalized youth, and immigrant communities. Most importantly, I want the subjects- whether they are people, places, or passing moments, to tell their own stories without interference or provocation. Stories that have yet to be told, or are often erased or silenced is where my lens is focused.

 For this, my sentence is: The World Sees Port of Spain 

 Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago is the capital city of the country, yet it is unlike any other Caribbean seaside city. It is not known for tourists, and it is full of everyday, working people. My ongoing project in Trinidad & Tobago aims to capture the other side of perceived Caribbean life- beyond the resorts, and focusing on the most authentic part of the place- the Trinidadians themselves.