Kyung Lim Lee

 Corrugated cardboard is an inevitable by-product of modern mass production and transportation systems. The cardboard, with winding symmetrical curves on its surface, stands for its necessary usage in today's commercial society as a reliable packaging medium. In my work, cardboard that has tacitly and murmurlessly finished its role as containers, protectors, and transporters of mass produced goods symbolizes a regeneration and a revival.


 In fact, I feel fairly limited when it comes to using oil colors as a sole medium of expressing textures. Instead, I cut and form soft and attractive cardboard into small pieces and attach them together before adding the color and creating a sense of a sculpted paper form.   


 In my work, a world of coexistence for tightly interrelated people and a gorgeous nature creates a harmonized "a cappella". In a world where individuals are destined to fall into a state of lethargy under a suffocating social structure, I believe my work quietly reflects my wishes to create a lively world where people find their purpose and meaning from one another.

 Kyunglim Lee paints with acrylic on cardboard, a technique that sample’s Korean patchwork compositions called Jo-gak-bo. Having majored in oriental painting, the artist finds cardboard fascinating because it is both soft and hard, similar to pulp, and also carries color effectively, all characteristics of Korean traditional paper, Hanji. The artist paints bay side communities and urban scenes of Seoul and other cities, teeming with diverse populations. She makes these scenes from individualized shapes and forms, built up in patchwork style. Lee's narratives depict everyday life, a familiar town from her memory or an ideal community born in her imagination.




 Kyunglim Lee creates artwork with corrugated cardboard. Her paintings are part 3d sculptures made with epoxy resin on paper. Her work has been showcased in Seoul, Germany, Singapore, Hong Kong, Miami, Seattle and Houston. She has participated in numerous art fairs, such as the Affordable Art Fair, Houston Fine Art Fair and the Hong Kong Art fair. She has a BFA in Oriental Painting from the College of Fine Arts of Seoul National University. Lee resides in Incheon, South Korea, where she works as a full-time artist.