June Huh


June 8th - 14th 2017


June 8th Thursday 6 - 8 pm

K&P Gallery is pleased to present: Artist June Huh


  The world is always under construction. It is sometimes very insecure, under constant reconstruction, connects, and is disconnects. With an imaginary standpoint, June expresses the unfamiliar world of the abstract with intense color in her space. When asked about the substance of the work, she expressed it as an instability of her world. She views the world as a pure but toxic contradictory material. Her main materials are markers, inks, and resins. The biggest commonalities of her work and materials are Transference and Flow. This means that the characteristic of the materials she uses shows both weakness and innocence, and unpredictable patterns.


  The ideas for her camouflage series started from human nature and the unstable world. They branch out to ideas of many interesting forms of human nature; The emotions, phenomena, and communication expressed between human beings along with materials that characterize the human form. The  artist bravely expresses humans and nature in their most vulnerable state.