Joan Easton

 The two works on view are part of a study I did
in preparation for a larger series based on
Beethoven’s Piano Concerto # 5
 Joan Easton


 Joan Easton was born in Brooklyn, resides in Manhattan and has a studio in Williamsburg/Bushwick.
 She received a Masters of Studio Art from New York University and had an internship with Robert Zakanitch. Her work was selected for exhibitions by Bill Carroll, Donald Kuspit, Ivan Karp, Grace Glueck, Phyllis Braff, Charlotta Kotik, Jennie Lamensdorf, James Panero, Amy Smith-Stewart, Andrea Wells and Lauren Hinkson.
 She has exhibited at the Nassau County Museum, Islip Museum, Attleboro Museum and Queens Museum as well as nationally. Her work is in many private collections.  In 2003 she won 1st Place Award in Painting from a competition sponsored by the Pen and Brush Club in NYC. In 2006 she was a finalist for the Nancy Mattice Award sponsored b y the Dangenart Gallery in Nashville, Tennessee.