good trees

In-Soon Smeenk

Elements for the eternal cycle    Ink mineral color on hanji pulp  11 1/4" x 11 1/4" x 2" (9pieces)

 I want to radically break the traditional East Asian ink painting style. Since exploring paper making and using an infusion of modern post abstract concepts, I have built techniques using Korean mulberry paper pulp ( han-ji -), collage and ink brush wash. My aim is to portray Permanence and Impermanence.

 The han-ji paper castings use moldings of gourds and impressions of tomb reliefs, many have natural materials imbedded in the pulp. The ink and mineral color are used in traditional painting.  

The rolled paper is natural dyed Korean mulberry paper.  

 The serial works of the relief on wooden panels: “Eternal Energy Force” are han-ji pulp pressed impressions of ancient Korean tomb reliefs. The tomb reliefs were used to depict auspicious eternal energy. By fragmenting the images I depict the limits of personal endeavors and the use of the han-ji paper indicates impermanence.

Based on East Asian art teachings I am using my “Ki (氣) ” – one’s sense and sensibility,  an expression of internal (personal) energy and the philosophy I-ching, an expression of life's connectivity with the universal cycle, to explore my personal artistic inner vision, my inner passions.





1991    Open Studio Program, Corcoran Art School, Wash. D.C.
1989~90 Graphic Art Certification, The Graduate School of Dept. of Agriculture
1983~85 Volunteer Research Assistant, Ethnology Dept., National Museum of Natural History
1983~83 Chinese Art History, School of General Studies & Continuing Studies, George Washington Univ
1982~85 Independent Research, Archives at the Freer Gallery of Asian Art.
1972        B.F.A. Oriental Art Dept., College of Fine Arts, Ewha Womans University, Seoul, Korea
1979~81 M.A., Asian Studies, Scholarship of Japan Education Administration for Asian Art Graduate Study,

1972~73 Dept. of Area Studies, Graduate School of Tsukuba Univ., Japan.
               Oriental Art, Graduate School of Fine Arts, Ewha Womans Univ., Seoul, Korea




2011        Artist in Residence, Young Eun Museum of Contemprary Art, Gwangju City, Korea
1997~11 Juror in Arts, The Korean Embassy Honorable Scholarship, Washington, D.C., U.S.A.
1996       Artist in Residence, "Splendors of Imperial China" The Art Institute of Chicago Museum.
1995       Oriental Painting Work Shop, Achillea de Francoise Chambeau, Bethesda Md.
1993       Invited Artist in Residence, "The Year of Asian Art” The Art Institute of Chicago Museum.
1990~92 American Univ.,B.C.I.U. Asian Program, lecturer, Korean art.
1987~89 International Asian Summer School, Asian Academy, Virginia Governor's School.
1984~86 Fairfax County Public School, Asian Art Program.
1974~76 Kwandong University, Dept. of Fine art, Kangneung city, Korea.
1973~74 Kangneung Teacher's College, Lecturer, Kangneung city, Korea.




1987    Kent County Art Council Grant for Oriental painting Work Shop.
1987    Fairfax City Art Council Grant for the Asian Art program.
1987    Mobil Grant for the Asian art program in Fairfax Public School system.
1984~86 Fairfax County Art Council Grant for the Asian art.
1979~80 Japan Education Ministry Grant for Asian Art Graduate Study.



2011       “Cycle 64” Mulpa Space Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2008       “In soon Shin’s Retrospection ’08 ” Georgetown Art Gallery, Washington D.C
1998~99 "Passages-Harmony with Korean Classic-" Korean Cultural Service, Washington D.C.
1996       "Nature's Passage" Duk-won Art Museum, Seoul, Korea & Suim Gallery,
1989       Tae-jun city, Rep. of Korea.
1986       "Image of This Land" Metro Gallery, George Mason Univ. Arlington Va.
               "Dream & children" Alexandria Gallery, Alex. Va.