Alessandro Ravagnan
Angela Alba
Cait Davis
Crystal Frias
Jessica Matier
Kaitlyn Schwalje
Kristina Davis
Kuzma & Ajuan Song
Maria Belford
Məˈtänəmē Coləctive
Vladislav Markov
Yeon Ji Woo
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Opening I_and_Place

 We are pleased announced our open call exhibition 'I_and_Place', This exhibition is focused on the relationship between the place where the artist first felt connection to an object that made them want to live in the moment. And with such emphasis, the artists have expressed their lives in places they feel emotionally connected. 
 Within the installation, the flat and the media are gathered in one space, and the impression of the viewer's gaze is expressed naturally. We hope that the moments represented by these two artists express themselves well to the audience.