HyoJu Nam

21C Digital genre art


 A media art project by the artist, Nam Hyo-Ju, the "Yah(夜)1)" portrays the night landscape of the city center unfolding in various times and spaces of Seoul, Korea under a banner of the 21st century digital genre art as if it is a clip of a black and white sound film, and thus tries to shed new light on the dynamic rhythm and melody of urban spaces here. We, of the current era, are living in a society that is more accustomed to virtual reality, the online, than of any other eras. Right now. Here. Although standing right here on the streets of Dongdaemun and the riverside of Han river, the large group of digital nomads wandering aimlessly through portal sites or online communities around the virtual network over the online world of smartphones are the very portrait of us, the modern people.

 In the midst of the current beings proposed by the modern existential- ism, modern people can never stay peacefully. The human being in this post-modern era cannot but accept half-reluctantly and half-spontaneously the continuous deviation and escape from the current being endlessly, in other words, the omen of 'displacement of space and time' as if it is destiny. As such, as a means to capture and depict the displacement of time and space, which is the melody and rhythm of the current era as well as the destiny of the modern people, the artist Nam Hyo-Ju selected and arranged intentionally the subjects such as streets, alleyways between shops, narrow roads and so on with a common element of concentrated moving population in the media screen.
 Most of all, the 'Yah(夜)' series utilizes the stop motion technique which connects and re-edits over a thousand scenes containing spectacular clothes, behaviors, attitude, posture and styles of the modern people in order to convey the artist's intention of in-depth depic- tion of the modern city as a genre art of the 21st century. In addition, the strong color expressions painted over the objects such as clothes, shoes, luggages and handbags boasting of brand symbols show how color- fully the commercialized objects in this consumer society creates the strides and rhythms of us human beings. In the end, the pictorial and cinematic delivery will guide us sensuously to introspecting clearly the essence hidden in our daily life, and the dynamic and rhythmical nature of the displacement of time and space of the current era. 

Individual Exhibits

2015 Jeojag-geori exhibition「Today, Existence Out of Stock」(Hangaram art hall of the Seoul art center in Seoul, Korea)

2014 ACAF exhibition「For the Already Dead Australopithecus (Hangaram art hall of the Seoul art center in Seoul, Korea)


Group Exhibits

2017 K&P Gallery group exhibition (K&P Gallery, New York, USA)
2017 Beauty In Grace Art Fair (Hangaram art hall of the Seoul art center in Seoul, Korea)
2017 Art Shopping – LE CARROUSEL DU LOUVRE PARIS (Louvre Museum, Paris, France)
2017 Asia Contemporary Artshow (Conrad, Hongkong)
2017 International Contemporary Art Fair in Metz (Parc des Expositions de Metz Métropole, Metz, France)
2017 2017 Excellent artists exhibition (Kyeongyin art hall, Insadong, Seoul, Korea) 2017 French BDMC Gallery invitation exhibition (BDMC Gallery, Paris, France) 2014 Korean selected artists exhibition (Hanjeon art center, Seoul, Korea)
2014 Busan Art show 2014 portfolio exhibition (BEXCO, Busan, Korea)
2004 Vidak Poster exhibition



2005 Selected as the played work in the finals of the One Minute Film Festival (Korea Culture Contents center, Seoul, Korea)

2005 Special recognition for general visual design at Chungnam Industrial Design exhibition
2003 Awarded of the special prize in Samsung Digital Fine Arts tournament(Korea Software KISA, Seoul,


2015 Opened a seminar with the theme, "off-genre encounter between culure and art (Hangaram art hall of the Seoul art center, Seoul, Korea)

2014 Introduced works at the Frieze art fair (London, England.)
2014 Introduced works to the England culture and art magazine, INDIGO MEMOIRS
2014 An interview was published in the April issue of the Korean culture and art magazine, ARTWIDE

2014 「For the Already Dead Australopithecus」, a book on art philosophy, was recommended on portal site Naver
2014 Art philosophy text「For the Already Dead Australopithecus」was written and published

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