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Eun Mee Kim

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Talking about Colors: WHITE

 K&P Gallery is pleased to announce Eun Mee Kim’s exhibition, Talking about Colors: WHITE. Kim’s series began as a search for a thorough understanding of the characteristics of Korean Nature. This approach is best described as a cyclical process of mixing colors, rapidly painting, and drying repeatedly. The palette of colors found in nature in Korea is quite distinct from colors found in Japan or China.

 To emulate this distinctiveness, expressive strokes give way to images that are beautiful but not frivolous, fanciful yet noble. The works in Eun Mee Kim’s exhibition are part of a larger body of work, Talking About Colors, which examines the symbolism and significance of the Five Korean Traditional colors (red, blue, yellow, black, and white). In Talking About Colors: WHITE, Eun Mee Kim uses the white pigment as a reference to inner and outer peace, as well as the sun, which are primary focal points of the natural world.

 Talking About Colors: WHITE is an exhibition that attempts to unify artist and viewer in a space of serenity found only in Korean nature.

Eun Mee Kim's

        9th solo Exhibition in Korea