MAY 24, 2017 Art Space DA:MDAA is pleased to present its first New York group exhibition entitled “Mythical” in Chelsea, New York.

 People of the same cultural origin share “the Mythical” such as myths or folk tales in every culture. “Mythical” literally means occurring or characteristic of myths of folk tales. One of the most well-known mythical stories may be the Greek myths. The Greek God and the Goddess like Zeus, Poseidon and Hera have mesmerized people since the ancient time. They are characters that have been featured in many animations, cartoons, plays and so forth even today. “The Frozen”, a Disney animation is also known to be inspired by Hans Christen Andersen’s folk tale “The Snow Queen.”

 The six participating artists, as a story teller, tell us a myth or a folk tale in their paintings, illustrations and sculptures at the show “Mythical” in New York.

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ABOUT Art Space DA:MDAA   This exhibition is curated by Art Space DA:MDAA located in Korea. Art Space DA:MDAA is devoted to representing cross-cultural arts and emerging artists from worldwide. For more information, please contact the gallery at   


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Geoffrey O. Miller
Jinhwan Shin
Miri Park
Yunjung Lee
MinJee Kim
Kyungsoo Yang
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