Spring Blossom_60x60cm_natural lacquer, gold leaf  on wooden panel_2018[5207]
Reflection _3_90x120cm_natural lacquer, gold leaf, mother of pearl, stone powder on wooden panel_201
Flow _9_50x100cm_natural lacquer on wooden panel, gold leaf_2018
Flow _7_80x120cm_natural lacquer on wooden panel, gold leaf, stone powder_2018
Flow _2_100x100cm_natural lacquer on wooden panel, gold leaf, mother of pearl_2017
Flow _6_120x90cm_natural lacquer on wooden panel, gold leaf, stone powder_2018
Flow #5_100x100cm_natural lacquer on wooden panel, gold leaf, mother of pearl_2018[5206]

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K&P Gallery will be having a new show "INFINITY"
Artist Insoo Chun Solo Exhibition from May 3rd-12th

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Insoo Chun

“In the work, everything is transparent and there are no lies. All of the layers are seen in the finished work, all layers are revealed in the whole. I hope that the work will touch each individual, and inspire many forms of purity and nostalgia.”

I believe that today could not have existed without the past. And the future inches closer as each day passes. As such, I am the collective embodiment of all the experiences that I have encountered throughout my life. I studied traditional Korean fine arts in Korea and spent 13 years in the U.S., immersing myself in the world of art and working in a museum. The time I spent in the U.S. will always be a special part of my life. I learned so much during that period and helped me grow as an artist and person, while enriching my deep appreciation of the beauty found within Korea. 

Today, something that’s labeled as “traditional” is viewed to be old-fashioned and worn-out. What would people think if I they saw me painting with natural lacquer, which is a form of painting that dates back thousands of years? I suppose they would think that it’s not possible. Our ancestors in Korea knew very well about natural lacquer’s characteristics such as durability, resistance to water, oil, and chemicals, and more. So natural lacquer was used for weaponry, housing, furniture, and household goods. Due to its rarity, natural lacquer was available only to the upper class. In more recent times, natural lacquer could be found on furniture with inlaid mother of pearl within the home of the average family. But in today’s modern world, it’s rarely seen as people’s lifestyle has changed to be more reflective of Western culture. Natural lacquer paintings may be viewed as running against the grain of today’s infatuation with fast food and fast fashion, but I believe that art is supposed to break barriers and challenge the status quo. 



전통이 고루하고 진부하다고 여기는 사람들이 많은 이 시대에서 수천 년을 내려온 옻칠(natural lacquer)을 가지고 그림을 그린다면 사람들은 어떻게 생각할까? ‘옻칠로 그림을?’ 이라 생각하는 사람들이 많을 거라 생각이 든다. 예로부터 우리 선조들은 옻칠의 내구성과 우수성을 알기에 무기, 건축물, 가구, 집기류 등 상류층의 전유물로 많이 사용되었다. 우리 조부모님, 부모님 세대에는 흔히 옻칠을 사용한 자개장을 볼 수 있었다. 그러나 서구문화가 급속도로 퍼져가면서, 우리의 생활모습, 습관들도 많이 바뀌어가며 하나 둘씩 사라져 지금은 보기 힘든 것이 사실이다. 패스트푸드, 패스트 패션이 유행하는 이 시대에 옻칠그림이란 어쩌면 시대에 역행하는 작업이라 할 수 있겠다. 


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