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Shin, Young-Hun

Solo Exhibition 2018 

K&P Gallery will be having a new show "PARADOX" Shin,Young-Hun Solo Exhibition from March 22 to March 28


Artist Shin, Youn-Hun has been reinterpreting contemporary women in ink for more than 10 years. The secular role of the female portrait should contain the narrative expression of freedom and repression pursuing feminism. However, in the artist's works, women have become a complex object of pure emotions and feelings that go beyond social priorities of vested / contingent interests. The unique women portraits he paints are crossovers between gender (social) and sex (biological). Just like how poets in medieval times recite poetry as they visit imperial courts of feudal lords, the artist attempts to break conventional clichés of women from the 'now and here' perspective. The characters in his works are definitely beautiful. They seem to whisper something secretive just like the heavenly women portrayed.


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