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"RECREATION"  Oh, Seoung Hee Solo Exhibition Invitation

from Sept 27th -Oct 3rd 2018

OPENING : Thur. Sept 27,  Thursday 6-8pm


Artist Note


Painting is like traveling through an unknown world.

Even if you plan on drawing something at first,
Another image captivates me when I look at it.

As I walk along the path, I meet things that are hidden deep inside me

Sky, stars, moon, trees and flowers, ponds, ocean, virtual worlds of passion for dreams ...

The flower (dream) is pleasure, hope and excitement

If you make a dress and draw a picture,
I feel the deep peace and meet the world that I rode with my heart.

In that, I play, pray, and dream.’

서양화가 오승희 “행복한 설렘을 전하는 그림을 그리고 싶어요”

“I would like to deliver a message of happiness to people through my works”



Painter. Dress designer

Graduated from Pusan National University Department of Clothing

Anna Dress Shop representative.

*National Competition Awards*

2007 ibd design contest winner

2008 Daegu Textile Association Korean Traditional Pattern Design Award

2008 Welkron SESA & Yegi Beauty Design Encouragement Award

2012 TV Chosun TV drama Korean peninsula dress sponsorship


KBS Broadcasting Open Concert, KBS Entertainment Award, Baeksang Arts Award Celebrity Dress Sponsorship

SBS Broadcasting Festival sponsors a number of celebrity dresses such as the year-end awards ceremony

2018 Haeundae Lee Chae-Hyun Gallery 1st Solo Exhibition, Busan

2018 Gallery Dae-Hyun 2nd Solo Exhibition, Busan

2018 Jade Flower Gallery 3rd Solo Exhibition, Seoul

Painted on brush Gallery Gajeon, Gimhae

Korean Young Artist, Chosun Ilbo Museum, Gwangbok-dong, Seoul

Korean Young Artist, Chosun Ilbo Museum, Gwangbok-dong, Seoul

Korea Sports Economy Newspaper Cultural Division Grand Prize

Sports Seoul Newspaper Innovation Korean Power korea Target

Monthly Korean Innovative Korean Award

2018 Korea News Organizer Capitol Global New Korean Target

Donga Ilbo Newspaper 2018 Korea Global Leader Award

Joongang Daily Newspaper 2018 Won a proud Korean impression

Awarded Grand Prize in Culture and Arts Award Ceremony of '2018 Global New Korean Award'

Seoul Press Center Awarded Grand Prize in Culture & Art Division sponsored by Herald Economy in 2018




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