17.The story of the big city
16.Big city- Marseille
13.Teamwork Red
15.Mans destiny
14.Teamwork Red
11.Machine rose 3   60.5cm X 72.5cm acrylic on canvas 2017
10.Machine rose 4   72.5cmX60.5cm  acrylic on canvas 2017
07.Nature City
09.futurecity project
03.Lights of Picadilly Circus
06.Big city-SEOUL
05.Blue Planet Shanghai
04.Good morning Poseidon
02.Blue planet Manhattan
01.Blue planet Barcelona

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Partnership with

Lee Ik Ryeol


K&P Gallery will be having a new solo exhibition from November 9 to November 15.


Lee Ik Ryeol is a Korean fine artist, landscape designer, and racecar driver. All those interesting careers influence his art. He not only paints cityscapes or flowers but also paints cars. He paints cars on canvases and searches for the potential for seeing and conveying the seemingly ordinary as dynamic scenes in various ways. 

​In his paintings, New York is covered with a colorful colors or monotones. The City becomes a huge wall. He imputes passionate emotion into the urban space and replaces the silent city with his own psychological space. He expresses the city as a dreamy yet real story.


It is interesting to look at the dual implications of his paintings. We see messages of harmony and conflict that lead to the instincts of staying and moving between cityscapes and cars, visions of individuals and sociality in cityscapes and utopia and dystopia in future cities.




Past Exhibitions