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 K&P Gallery would be honored to present artist Kyung Ok Park, Ju-Bu Park, and In-Joo Kang. Each solo exhibition will be held from September 21st to 30th, at K & P Gallery in Chelsea, New York. In this exhibition, we present a solo exhibition of three themes: "Secret Garden" by Kyung Ok Park, "Sound" by In-Joo Kang, and "Stone and Fish" by Ju-Bu Park. The "Secret Garden" is a work that expresses her daily life in styles of nature, and expresses unique Korean styles and techn...iques through painting. The 'Sound' series expresses the vitality of nature with the use of a paint knife, and expresses the colors and forms of the screen with great emotions. The work of Ju-Bu Park’s 'Stone and Fish' is represented by a Buddhist living under the promise of the world, not deceiving others, and not killing living things. The author elaborates on the depth and beauty of fish. Each individual piece expresses the emotions of the artists and their work through new compositions and diverse materials.

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