Neungsaeng Park

 K&P Gallery is pleased to introduce artist Neungsaeng Park. The exhibition ‘Jump’ is based on a bungee jump series. The term bungee jump represents: challenge, freedom, and imagery of the mountain and jumping freely off the mountain with the guidance of a strong rope.


 Park, the artist, has been experimenting with a variety of media throughout his landscape painting. His passion began when he began to  learn Korean Oriental traditional media, and was transformed from a traditional mountain landscape to a mountain, and from a mountain to a mountain with people bungee jumping in it. The paintings,  started off with Ji, Phil. Muk ((紙筆墨): paper, brushes and ink) and were impressed with color after his trip to India. Then finally, it was processed based on primary colors such as red, green, and blue (colors that all give strong impressions.) For this exhibition, the artist has expressed that he wants to give viewers a modern interpretation of the artist through his passion of bungee jumping.

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