Bog Hee Joung 

“I love me and I love my line.”
To visualize repressed and restrained life that women go through, I used the image of the corset as a symbol. By combining the image of corset and “Jeogori”, which is Korean traditional jacket, I tried to express the harmony of those two symbols with line drawing. In an abstract expression, I expressed the harmony of line and face through soft curves and sharp random traces on the canvas or hemp.
Through the shape of flying corset, I expressed the women’s effort to escape from the restrictions. I want to give you a message about women’s desire to establish self-awareness and willingness to fly above the sky without any limitation. Engraved the shape of corset and collaged them on the canvas, added texture through modeling paste and then colored them in detail.

2018                                Hongik University (Korea)
                                        Graduate School of Fine Arts (Completed)
2019                                The Art Studetns League of New York (New York) (Completed)
July 2015                         Winner, The International Exhibition of Culture and Art
Oct 2015                          Special Winner, Gang-nam Art Exhibition
Nov 2015                         Winner, World Art Writers Competition
Jun 2016                          Winner, The Selection of Seoul Art Awards
Jul 2016                           Special Winner, Na Hye-Seok Art Exhibition
Jun 2014                          An Exhibition of “Our Stories ” 
Oct 2015                          A Contemporary Art Exhibition
Dec 2015                         Bog Hee Joung’s Solo Exhibition
Jul 2016                           Bog Hee Joung’s Solo Exhibition
Sep 2017                         Hongik University Taoist Resolution Exhibition















In Joo Kang

The 'Sound' series expresses the vitality of nature with the use of a paint knife, and expresses the colors and forms of the screen with great emotions. 

 Graduated in Occidental Painting, Hongik University

- 33 Solo exhibitions
- Group Exhibitions 200 times or more

- 2017 Japan Salon Blanc Art Exhibition (Tokyo, Japan)
- 2016 Romania Invitation Exhibit (Romania)
- 2016 Paris Solo Invitation Exhibit (France)
- 2015 New York Mountain Art Fair (USA)
- 2012 Kingston Invitation Exhibit (England)

Shannon Lee

 Shannon Lee is a Korean American artist and writer. The body of work
currently exhibited are personal meditations on tenderness. These works explore the humanity and innate beauty of our physical limitations the fallibility of memory, the softness of our bodies, mortality.
2018                               BFA Pratt Institute, painting










Wilson Keithline

Wilson Keithline is an American set designer and wood worker.
His candid works, usually made in one sitting, are confrontations with fear.

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