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Solo Invitation Exhibition

Ronnie H. Rhee

July 25th - July 31st 2019



July 25th Thursday 6 - 8pm


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LIGHT & SPACE, 2019 paintings by Ronnie H. Rhee

“The door/gate as an idea that transcends physical sense of space.”
– Shin Hang Seop

Art critic Shin Hang Seop was the recipient of the 2010 Korean Art Critics Association award in the ‘Critique’ section. He has written a number of books including Invitation to Figurative Art and Phase of Contemporary Art.

 The formation of the world, the universe as we know it, was awakened by light. A collection of lights, countless stars that have collapsed and expanded over time, became the genesis of our galaxy and universe. These stars manifest their presence through light. The earth, one of the innumerable stars, conceived nature which is the source of life. Nature takes on the warm light of the sun and carries on a beautiful feast of life. The world of nature is a space of light.  Darkness, in contrast, is a space of nothingness, the void, but is also the abyss that holds the seed of light.
The formative space allows indefinite play of free thinking. Ronnie H. Rhee’s paintings creates a space of formative imagination through reason and emotion which is based on the formative beauty and ego that is presiding in one's will. Moreover, her ego ultimately manages a formative space that contains philosophical thought.
 Rhee’s work incorporates the shape of the door/gate which serves as a visual marker in infinite space. The door/gate is installed in this universal space that demarcates all that is inside and outside. Just like an architectural sketch, it has no true state but merely is a structural shape of the door/gate. To Rhee, the door/gate is the channel in which to connect ideas, an open communication.
 Rhee tries to portray the relationship between herself and the rest of the world by displaying the image of the door in space. The door/gate is a device for entering into a space of formative thought. Similar to the concept of levitation where there is no force in any direction, this space is an illusion because there is no entity. The door/gate proclaims a virtual space without materiality. The formative door/gate that Rhee tries to describe is the illusion that cannot be identified but seems to exist. 
 The image of the door/gate described in the universe is the acropolis to the idea. The symbolic nature of the door/gate as a transcendent image beyond what is real demonstrates her wide range of artistic imagination. In that acropolis, she intends to move towards a broader world through the infinite space that encompasses the earth, the solar system, the Milky Way, and the universe. To Rhee, the door/gate is nothing more than an exodus of personal desires, starting from a reflection of herself which is the initial phase for exploring the infinite universe.
 The world of thought travels faster than light. It has a supernatural power that allows it to reach the furthest of stars through imagination. The action of thinking can be compared to that of an electroencephalogram, its speed to reach the star is faster than any light in the universe. It is totally different from what we conceptualize as speed. Although light has no substance, shooting stars are a vehicle that allows us to realize and visualize the speed of light in the universe.
 Rhee invites light to transform her formative thoughts into a visual image. The color expressed in the painting is a manifestation of her thoughts, along with the image of the door/gate in infinite space her thoughts are communicated through this light. Light is not made artificially but comes from a faraway universe. Nature and life were born by the distant light. Darkness as a relative concept of light departs farther than the light. It is assumed the very first moment of darkness world. The abstract space and color in her work also implies the meaning of illuminate the darkness. The color of the universe only filled with stars is just dark itself? It may be not. 
 The colors in her paintings may be light from the star cluster of the universe, the nebula, or the explosion of stars. These colors are not taken from nature. The colors can be reshaped in accordance with one's magnitude of imagination or depth of reason. The color image she composes can be a spectrum of light. Overall, warm and bright, vivid color image is intentional and interrelated with psychological factors.   
 She defines the countless dots filled on the canvas as an impression when she lies down and looks at the night sky. Looking up at the starry night sky there is far beyond the visual scope. With an intellectual comprehension that extends beyond the physical scope through thought or within a visualized space of thought you can look beyond into the imaginary.
 The color pink, which appears frequently in her paintings generate love and happiness, inducing a healing effect creating a positive energy for life. On the other hand, the color yellow is symbolic of wealth, authority, wisdom, and sensuality. The predominant showing of the color pink and yellow has a symbolic meaning to her. Whether consciously or unconsciously, the colors in the painting is an expression of the artists psychological state and desire.
 Collage work using photographs express another type of spatial image. Formative method of middle layer structure which combines and reconstructs the clear perspective interior image has its own mystical elements. She has outstanding sense of formative that transforming photographs into perfect painting image. In her painting world, pink color is dominated, however,  unexpected geometric configuration of senses also extraordinary.  
 Rhee’s formative world pursues an aesthetic idea and transcends value through the unrealistic space developed. Furthermore, she brings healing and a comforting touch to spread spiritual resonance beyond the visual image.


Space through the memory Oriental ink on korean paper 141.2 x 73.3cm 2019


Space through the memory Oriental ink on korean paper 141.2 x 73.3cm 2019


Space through the memory Oriental ink on korean paper 141.2 x 73.3cm 2019


Gold light & Space
Oriental ink on korean paper

146.3 x 206.2cm 2019


Pink light & Space
Oriental ink on korean paper

102 x 146.3 cm 2018

Pink gate & space
Oriental ink on korean paper

146.5 x 210.2 cm 2019


Yellow light & Space
Oriental ink on korean paper

146.4 x 208.3 cm 2019

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