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Psychedelia - AIchriss
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Kyung Hee Choi

In a tech-driven era, digital prints can be created by moving patterns with audible vibrations, which provide us psychedelic and futuristic feels. According to ‘Digital Wave’, one of WGSN’s vision trend for S/S 17, Post-Internet art and 1980's new wave music influences a new direction with powerful graphics, geometric structures, high-octane color, neon lighting and creative customization. Digitally-led fashion design, so called ‘Smart Wear’, can allow fashion items to be customized with flexible colors and patterns of both still and moving designs that not only contain the 2D images. This project as a follow-up of my previous exhibition, entitled Patterns in Motion – Microbial Expressionism aims to suggest digital fashion illustrations with 3D moving patterns, particularly inspired by Psyche Delia. The author intends to represent potentials of digitalized future-driven fashion to be downloaded and customized.

The term of Psyche Delia, given originally to the subcultural group who often use psychedelic drugs, also means a psychedelic art or a psychedelic music, reflecting the experience of altered consciousness and hallucinations (according to Wikipedia). This exhibition shows 3D transformable fashion fabrications with fantastic and surrealistic visuals; highly bright and fluorescent colors; and kaleidoscopically optical and geometric patterns, inspired by psychedelic art. By introducing dynamic psychedelic music to the exhibition hall, the author also intends to convey to viewers visual and auditory psyche Delia. In the context of digital technology, much of graphic software, like After effects permits to express psychedelic vision and hallucinatory patterns in limitless and unparalleled ways.

Fabulous psychedelic animations by Protobacillus, a group of graphic designers/motion artists were very inspiring for creating fabrics and patterns of fashion illustrations in this project. Collaborating with protobacillus in Tumblr, the author re-appropriated their GIF artworks by taking them apart and mixing together different elements, for mapping and moving patterns to garments and accessories of fashion illustrations by photoshopped collages. Thus, the end results come to contain highly energetic and fleshly animated psychedelic patterns. Fashion illustrations the author has drawn via illustrator were inspired by Etro’s S/S 2013 and A/W 2013/14 collections, photographed by Erik Madigan Heck who is an internationally renowned New York-based photographer. Giving an homage to his dreamy and surreal photography, the author created illustration works in more abstract and monotonous ways to express more impassive and static body images, in contrast with psychedelic

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