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Partnership with

S P A C E / T I M E

        Phillip Baldwin

Jung Nam Lee

K&P Gallery had a dual exhibition from December 21 to December 27.


The following extract is based on their catalog :


The digital is a river moving swiftly. Many drown without even knowing it..... they live the shell of “the self” in the “global flow”. Yet the digital river often freezes. We can traverse it in the “now” forgetting our silly Snap-streams and social media status. We can reflect. Share..... we can share in space/time : in a specific meaning of Korean ...“space/time” around the “Mu” or void..... In the Western sense of the reflecting “Cogito”. Nothing left but to left. Do we traverse it to the human analog on the other side? What can we capture “now”? “Later”? In the ideal “past”? Do the “numbers” of the future “now” reflect nothing but the hideous degradation of human worth?


The analog “now” is a cave : within is an ideal “reunification” of opposites. Are we ghosted by our numbers in surveillance? Or are we the ghost to pure numbers made daily in “self surveillance” or “ surveillance, where present selfies will be found in some deep ”cave wall” 40,000 years from now by AI?..... If they cared.


In this exhibition we are using live streamed 360 from the world and VR, Live Painting performance, and “immersive projections” to carve out a human “space of places”, in the timeless, digitally algorithmic, “space of flowers”. In this, with the artist as guide, we attempt to immerse the public in “memory”, and not in future regret.



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