The Journey of January 

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January 17, 2019 6 to 8 pm

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January 17 -23, 2019




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 Sally has two different meanings.


 One interpretation means charge, conquer, and march. It is often used as a military dictation to stimulate the morale of soldiers. Another interpretation means a new start, a new beginning. As the term Sally initiates, this exhibition is an adventurous story of six creative artists thriving to promote their artistic beliefs and conquer the New York art market. Through various artworks of painting, installation, and mixed media, each artist shares their interpretations of the word Sally utilizing their own, unique style of art. 


 Youngjin Park, actively pursuing her career mainly in New York, interpreted ‘Seung Mu’, a Korean traditional dance in her own unique painting style and color. Hyunjoo Min and Soonwon Youn, both actively engaging in the international stage of art, utilized mixed media to produce divine porcelains. Eunhee Kim from Korea transformed the Tongyeong Sea into her abstract taste, and Seongbok Ryu, member of diverse art foundations, created a surrealistic artwork from the idea healing of life. Last but not least, Yeonhea Jang from Korea interpreted her beliefs about Sally through vigorous paintings of abstract subject matters.

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