Oh Gyeae

Oh Gyeae tries to capture the inner life of nature, to contribute a greater insight into nature's role as an eternal backdrop to our lives.

The following extract is based on her personal notes :

I usually draw with Korean traditional paper using a special technique which allows the material itself to help guide the final composition. It has a rough feeling sometimes, but I keep drawing while accepting challenges and opportunities from the material. Lately I have been working on trees and their role as permanent elements in the cycle of nature which provides us with both a sense of the eternal and transitory and I have been looking forward to having this show at K&P Gallery in November. I like to decorate Christmas trees, and when I look at trees, I feel like they are soldiers that keep their places firmly, with a sense of deeply ingrained commitment.

I try to express the inner vitality of the natural world by observing flowers in the mountains and changes in forest.

I am happy when I draw and enjoying my work today as well. I also look at our lives with a warm heart.