Alexis Myre

 These artworks are each a small universe; a sphere in which natural materials, geometric patterns, and symbolic references mingle.  Borrowing concepts from great mathematicians like Pythagoras, Riemann and Cantor, I am interested in creating a sense of movement that extends and taps into a greater rhizome, connecting the circular with linear, the element to architecture, and math with art.  Pythagoras sought a single principle to explain the nature of matter within the universe leading him to trace the origin of all things to number, offering as proof the abundance of numerical patterns found in nature and all phenomena of the universe. I am inspired by that reverence for pattern, utilizing them as both symbols and as the architect of boundaries, to visually pin down and display as specimens of order, beauty, and harmony.


 The work involves a hand-made methodology fostering an active alternative—a private abyss where our minds can both rest and travel. Pencil often represents logical systems, while thread and felt connotes flexibility, softness, and connection. Harder materials like metal and plastic acknowledge the man made and nod at the rigidity of structure and core. Natural and found objects are left alone or altered sparingly (segmented perhaps) but always recognizable, honoring their connection to a broader system. The outcome is dependent on how the materials’ particles will connect, respond, and rely on one another to form a solution rooted in radiant energy to magnify the interactions normally hidden and kept secret by their infinitesimal nature.   The work upholds the belief that all material contains hidden potential, and when constructed together individual matter can act as an agent to solving a larger problem.

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