Alessandro Ravagnan

I Exist Here 

 This concept deals with representing membranes, which are objects in quantum physics that can have any number of allowed dimensions. Some physicists have proposed that our own universe is in fact a three dimensional membrane, on which we are “stuck” within a larger nine dimensional spaces. Each work represents a universe, one of an infinite number of universes making up a "multiverse”.

 While inspired by quantum physics this concept also touches on Zen and Hindu beliefs and practices. The Enso, a Zen symbol which represents the universe was used to represent the idea of a cyclic universe, a model in which the universe follows infinite self-sustaining cycles, while linear compositions represent finite universes. The Hindu concept of Indras Net, which is used to describe the interconnectedness of the universe is represented by the mesh pattern in the works.

 The membranes are represented by taking a piece of mesh packing paper, which was chosen due to the fact that it is a 2 dimensional object that when cut become 3 dimensional. The packing paper’s shadow is used to create a screen print, returning the 3 dimensional shape back into a 2 dimensional image. This process references Plato’s cave allegory, in the sense that our universe is a mere shadow cast by a higher dimension.