2020 March



Ⅰ. Accumulation and Emptiness (2005~2012)


My work is a continuation of process to put together pieces of cloth. I collected the scattered pieces of life, to but together pieces of cloth. I feel that the scattered pieces are similar to pieces of a puzzle. The puzzle pieces are put together based on a picture, but the pieces of my life do not have the original picture, like a puzzle. Since it is not easy to put these pieces together, I feel that putting pieces of cloth together is harder than a puzzle. I am struggling to find the pieces that I missed , by accident. I concentrated on putting together each piece that I find, from a pile of pieces. The pieces are similar to my life, and are a cross-section of everyday life, which are being mixed and repeated, regardless of time. Even if it has the same design, they look different, in time and situation, upon assigning it to everyday life. My art work, to witch I devoted myself, sometimes give me satisfaction, but I can`t devote my self to my art work for a long time, if I feel like something is missing However, even though time is instant, when a new initiative for new art work comes to my or a situation stimulates me, I calm myself down and turn the light on in the workroom.

I collect and stitch the pieces of cloth, like fragments of time and talk. I dream that many people find and keep their stories the many stories from my works. Several types of cloth and thread are tools of to express love to me. The objects which help make these expressions are my guardian angles. I collect and stitch the pieces of everyday life, even today. I feel great joy in repetitive tasks, even if it is repeated for a long time.



Ⅱ. Dissolution and Proliferation (2012~ )


My work is continuous repetition. I first think of ideas and sketch them, creating repeated grids with intersections of many irregularly arranged lines. Then, I repeatedly put down various kinds of fabric, layer by layer, and repeatedly stitch over them in horizontal, vertical, and free-form lines. Grids appear within the lines made by the stitches, and I cut them, carve them out, engrave them, and, finally, stitch them again for emphasis. My work is an expression of endlessly repeating squares. Spaces within the squares provide space for breathing and space for rest. Where fabric is cut, threads are frayed, creating natural grains and making space where life is extended, the space of infinity growing into eternity.

Space is made in a layered structure with sewing work. Layers of fabric are pressed together by a sewing machine. The sound of the sewing machine is reminiscent of the noises of various modes of transportation—buses, cars, railcars, and airplanes—that bring us to the destination of a journey. As I step on the pedal of the sewing machine, I feel the instinct to run at full speed stirring inside me. I also imagine the world of travel ahead. My work is like traveling, driven by the accelerator on the sewing machine. I perceive the space between the layers of fabric as paths of life, and I try to cut, carve, trim, and scoop them out, attempting open work. I look back on the paths of the past, layer by layer, and reflect on them. I feel that a multi-layered structure is quite similar to the complexity of the human mind, and I feel that it is a way of life. The intricate spaces are where breaths, inhaled and exhaled, encounter and pass.

The shape’s form begins as “layer as piling” that reveals desire; it is then replaced by “layer as emptying” that strips off one’s desire, and it reveals itself as “layer as dismantling and proliferation” during the process of dismantling. My work thus far has been a journey of discovering myself, and it will lead to the spirit of quilt to complete myself as it expands to the realm of social relationships.