Invitation Solo Exhibition

Park, Jong Hui


August 15th - 21st 2019


August 15th Thursday 6-8pm

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Park, Jong Hui


 Image and language are lost when a particular individual being instructed by the two is in a collateral role of identifying the consensus with an idea and indicating the substantial boundary. This attributes to the fact that under a situation where hierarchical order and norms are considered identical with reproduction, the material question comes down to identity. Nevertheless, simply having image and language indicate different things and separating the two does not suddenly guarantee versatility nor cause the loss of validity of the reproduction. Versatility, when identified with other things, will keep converging within the consensus whereas disorder, when identified with other things, will fall into an infinite vanity. If and when the difference between image and language is resolved, it might even be necessary to engage the reasoning with divinity as a proof of its innocence.

 Image and language, when not limited to a biased perspective of reproduction that reverts to a consensus, have both natures of connection and separation. The duplicity of image and language is a disunity in itself that produces something in common. Our realization of this relation is not an obvious truth nor an object that must be accomplished. Thus, this situation that image and language are put under does not result in an appearance of a new truth emerging from a rebuilt relationship. If anything, it only secures the fact that all things that are continuously derived from controversial premises inherent to any paradoxical situation are equal. It is because the intrinsic meaning of separation is realized as the autonomy of all beings, but the connection is only maintained through the intrinsic nature of the separation. Image and language have a relation of possibility that reverts back to each other when the two reach an ultimate. Any and all objects and ideas perceived and reasoned by us exclaim unfamiliarity from the beings that they were produced from.


M.F.A in Department of Fine Arts, Dongguk University, Korea.

B.F.A in Department of Fine Arts, Dongguk University, Korea.


6 Solo Exhibitions (New York, China, Japan, Seoul, Busan)


Group Exhibitions

2019 come in (Gallery aurm, Gwangmyeong)

2019 outlook (Gallery Ran, Gyeongju)

2019 New-tro 1920 (Itta space, Incheon)

2018 Seoul Art show (Coex, Seoul)

2018 Art Gyeonggi (Simgokcheon Nemo gallery, Bucheon) 

2018 COSO Art Fair (Gallery COSO, Seoul)

2018 Zebra Art Fair (Art Space Bom, Suwon)

2018 Breeze Art Fair (Sejong Center, Seoul)

2017 Type 7 (Art hall INDIE GONG, Seoul) 

2017 ASYAAF (Dongdaemun Design Plaza, Seoul)

And many more



2019 Chief Director Prize of Seoul Insadong international Art Festival

2019 Sakujitsukai Art Exhibition Excellence Award

2019 Korea creation culture Art Award

2017 ASYAAF Prize



2019 The panel of judge at the Contemporary Women Art Exhibition

2018 The panel of judge at the Children's Writing and Drawing Contest in Bulguksa