Title-Avengers&Candle light(CaptinAmeric

Title-Avengers&Candle light(CaptinAmerica)  
Size-45cmx53cmx4cm  Material-Mixed media


" Gives the emotion that everything in our planet and nature breathe  together and puts passion into the canvas."


 Seen with the eyes and with the invisible, but with microwaves, the communication between  the universe and the earth, Infinity stone is  (Red: Reality stone),
(Orange:Soul stone)(Green:Time stone)(Purple: Flower stone)(Yellow:Mind stone)(Blue:Space stone) 

  We live in a Six light  and hope  for  positive and life-loving knots of the golden flower of rara love.

In the current industry and scientific journals that develop and study the revolution and AI of the Fourth industry, microwaves see cycles  with rules for the movement of every living thing in the universe and the earth, or for the movement of small atoms.

Green Energy , one of  the efforts to protect  the safety of the planet, should be considered  and interests of politics,
economy  and society, but in the life of survival in the world.


The French philosopher  Jean Baudrillard exemplifies  the simulacra  without originals  and realities  through  electronic media, such as replacing objects  with symbols in the book "simulacre". In other worlds, it was considered『 Hyper-reality』.


In Sigmund Freud's Psychoanalysis, modern culture is considered to be psychology, and  the "unconscious" is regarded as the structure  of general consciousnesses emotion affects  behavior  and thinking .   Freud, in his book "Interpretation of Dreams," shows the integration of dreams from mental trigonometry to the principles of sexual  and unconscious pleasure in conscious  reality. 

 In this process, people have a completed  consumption  theory  that goes beyond thinking  about everything and gains peace and happiness  from  the consumption  of alternative  values.


" We attempt to ECO the positive expressions that connect  the universe and human beings. "


In today's fast-paced, ever changing , and complex modern world,  we often cry out slowly and desire to go as a human being.

Surrealist expressions iof avantgarde froms that ignore existing order and rules, post-modernism  where reality and fictional world coexist, and irrationality and semi-formality can be interpreted as reactionary resistance to normal social structure.


There is reason why new  heroes in Disneyland movie footage are evolving and becoming superheroes as they advance the Avengers.

It is because  the imaginary desire to keep the world righteously is raising the value of peace and happiness.

The theme of the work  The artist gave birth to the Avengers & Candlelight.

We will burn and sacrifice ourselves, which is the meaning of candles, by using force demonstrations, illuminate the darkness of society such as threats from freedom, alienation and loneliness, and solve all difficulties to protect the earth.

Modern art is now faint in the night light of the world, the power of affirmation, the six infinite stone and superhero shine bright to protect the ECO Earth in space.

Through the original artworks of K&P Gallery's solo exhibition  in New York Manhattan, I would like to present joy, peace and happiness to the heart with lyrical sensitivity  and margin.


In New York in October, 2019                     from   Hay ja Jang



Jang Hay Ja   (Wonderful life)

b:1962.Lives and Works in Seoul Korea

group Exhibition

Toronto (Canada,Korea) Invited  group Exhibition(Canada)

Young Eun Museum group Exhibition(SEOUL)

Seongnam Art Center  group Exhibition(SEOUL)

Naroo Art Musium Invited group Exhibition(SEOUL)

JHamsil Lotte Gallery group Exhibition(seoul).

Sydney KBS  Museum Exhibition (Sydney)

Galen'e Joseph Charlot Exhibition (France)

Washing to CongressExhibition (USA)

Hong Kong   Art  Fair. Seoul Art Show.PLAS Contemporary Art Show.Daejeon. Gyeongiu Art Fair

Italy. Netherlands,China,Japan...etc


Solo Exhibition

SETC Summer Festival Invited Solo Exhibitaon(Seoul)

Seoul Arts center Hangaram Art Museum Solo Exhibitaon(Seoul-Seocho)

Art World Gallery Solo Exhibitaon(Seoul-Insa-dong)

M Art Musium Invited Solo Exhibitaon(Seoul-Yeouido)

Gyeongin Art Museum  Invited Solo Exhibition(Seoul-Insa-dong)

Galley We  Invited Solo Exhibitaon(Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education)

Creativity Garden Galley & cafe  Invited Solo Exhibition(Seoul)

SoNaMoo Gallery Invited Solo Exhibitaon (Korea-Daegu)

PICI Gallery Invited Solo Exhibition (Seoul-Cheongdam)

K&P GALLERY  Solo Exhibition  (USA-New York)


A painting artist who designs the 4th Industrial Revolution and AI

Universite de Paris- Sorbonne(Paris4)-Certificat D'assiduite Du Seminaire

Graduated from Graduate School of Education KunKuk University

Now:  Artist Dream Team President.  Director,Korean Art Association. Seocho Forum Westernization Committee