people land

Alice Ko

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Alice Ko

AUGUST 22nd - 28th 2019



August 22nd Thursday 6-8pm

심리화-비밀의 화원2watercolor on arches 2008' 91
people land-봄의속삭임 10 -아르쉬 과슈 53.0x45.5cm

Alice Ko

‘People land’ is a virtual space that started with satire since 2006.

It is also the process of self-reflection and the answers to be found by solving the problems through the emotions that I gazing at the world or through direct and indirect experiences.


Whether you want to do or not, there are times when you face extreme and desperate thoughts whenever you face various realities and solve problems you face.

At that time, when the affirmation that is deeply embedded in the self is surfaced, it is understood that the situation which is thought to be a crisis eventually becomes an opportunity to mature on step.


Since 1993, I have been interested in the healing effects of paintings. At the same time, I have made efforts to create “healing” in earnest while studying art therapy and psychology.

I am currently continuing the exhibition with subjects such as <people land>, <happy bank>, <Zion>, <Pure Reason>, <About Truth>. The works which are presented in this book are only a part of the story, but they do not entirely correspond to the contents of the ‘People Land’ works.


“Happiness is always here where you stand.”

People Land people say.