Ko, Jae Kwoun


With time
Its colour changes
Its corners bruise
And it looks like it has a lot to say
It is the white porcelain that I am working on nowadays

The shape of a porcelain is unique and free 
And in that form and space
It shows off its beauty

This is the limit to what the vision allows
This is the perception of a white porcelain

At some point however
I felt the desire to share a story
That touches the heart 
Rather than share a story
That is only visible to the eye

It’s true
It may only be imaginary
But the story that I want to share 
Is that of the pain and the vacancy
Held in a porcelain

A story in which the emptied is filled
And the filled is piled 

It’s probably the desperation towards the prolonged emptiness
Rather than its staleness
That it hopes to forever be free from the feeling of emptiness

sound69160    2019          90.9x50.0cm

Roh, Jae Soon


 There are numerous kinds of sound in our world.

We have been living in the world through our lives. Especially, people in these days seem to be exhausted, tired and frustrated in those tremendous outcries of the sound. But someone might hear the message of affirmation and hope in those sounds. Now in my works, there are the sounds of people's life. I'd like to deliver today's sounds of the world through the lips, signs and scribbles on my works


Park, Dong Chan


Winter Tree

잎새를 다 떨구고 앙상해진 저 나무를 보고 누가 헛 살았다 말하는가, 열매를 다 빼앗기고 냉랭한 바람 앞에 서 있는 나무를 보고 누가 잘못 살았다 하는가?

도종환의 겨울나무中